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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil’s FIFA Loss a Huge Setback

Brazil, also the host of FIFA 2014, has been gripped with a spate of controversies. Right from issues with hosting the Cup, amidst huge opposition from its people, to Neymar’s injury, the country seemed doomed says Sachin Karpe.  Stunned fans have taken to streets in protest. After spending a whopping billion dollars in making itself ready for the event, the defeat with Germany has come as a major shock. Semifinal loss is the worst ever loss on the home land. Blame it on lack of confidence caused by Neymar’s injury or a sudden dip in energy levels, but the team did look off-beat in the last match. Previously, Neymar’s catastrophic injury in which his spine got hurt badly, rendering him bed-ridden for months, had done a major damage to the team’s self esteem, which had been banking on the start striker. Expectations were still afloat after the team managed a victory. However, Germany stole the show. The team which gave birth to stars like Pele and Ronaldo, will take some time to recover from the loss. May be in the next Fifa, the team will have its strategies in place. Ill then, it has been doomed to a public outrage and criticisms.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home Loans Always Bring a Smile! Sachin Karpe Views

“Having your own house brings a sense of pride and accomplishment in a person’s life” says Sachin Karpe while initiating a conversation on home loans. Talking about home loans, for everyone it is a great support but at the same time it is also a tough thing to live with if precautions are not taken in the initial stages. Before applying for a home loan and paying the processing fee one must make sure they analyze the following aspects properly:

  1. Knowing the loan eligibility:  The loan amount which is to be sanctioned depends on the person’s income and previous track record when it comes to repaying the loans and credit card dues. Home loan lenders generally provide 80 per cent of the value of the property as the loan amount, subject to their income. They only consider the income heads which can be used to repay your loan. 
  2. Check Your CIBIL score: Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) provides a credit score on a scale of 300 to 900 based on a person’s previous credit card usage, how they maintain their bank accounts, any check bounces, existing loans, uninsured existing loans, loan repayments, number of times a person has applied for a loan or a credit card. Individuals with a CIBIL score greater than 700 are more likely to get a home loan. All the home loan lenders approach CIBIL for this score whenever anyone applies for any type of loan.
  3. Type of interest rate: The type of interest rate a person chooses has an impact on the monthly EMIs he or she pays. It is important that people know the difference between fixed rate home loan and floating rate home loan. 
  4. Loan tenure: The EMI is calculated on the basis of the amount of the home loan, home loan interest rate and loan tenure. 
  5. Read the documents carefully before you sign: Don't let the bunch of home loan documents bog you down and just sign on the dotted lines. Check the documents to ensure that the terms are the same as what you negotiated and agreed upon. Read the documents carefully and know the different charges applicable. Importantly, know the processing fee, late payment fee, etc.

Buying a home is an important personal finance decision for every individual. So Sachin Karpe says before applying for a home loan and paying your processing fee always keep in mind the above points and live a happy and tension free life.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Honda Motorcycle To add 1000 touch points

Although automobile sector saw a dampened growth last year, auto companies look far from expanding their reach. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have plans to add another 1000 customer points in this fiscal year, and aim to increase its sales says Sachin Karpe. With a 25% market share in country’s two-wheeler market, its current touch points include dealerships, sub-dealerships and service stations, in a number of 1956, spread across country. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lavasa Gears Up Again For An IPO

Subsidiary of Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) Lavasa Corp has decided to go for an IPO yet again says Sachin Karpe. The entity has filed documents with SEBI for the launch of an Initial Public Offering to raise Rs 750 crore. Lavasa Corp has been developing a township in 10,000 hectares in Lavasa near Pune. 

In November, 2010, Lavasa Corporation had got the SEBI clearance for an IPO to raise up to Rs 2,000 crore, but bad market conditions forced the company to scrap the plan.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leading Millennials in the Workplace

The Millennial Generation or the Generation Y, the ones whose birth years range from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, is extremely different from the generation before us says Sachin Karpe. What has been passed on by the generation before us is the value of hard work and consistency in what we do, while the Gen Y strives to find quick solutions to issues and problems and is a lot more open to experimenting.

While the Gen Y is very serious about their career, their approach differentiates them from ours and our elders. They look to a work profile more flexible yet that gives them the benefits of an MNC. 

Based on my experience of working with a with the millennials at the workplace, I am sharing a few insights on how best you could lead the efforts and energies of this generation to bring out the desired results and also to help them chalk out a clearer vision from a long term career perspective.

Since the millennials are extremely open, dynamic and willing to experiment in their approach, the leader can guide the millennials towards the objectives, the latter will find an innovative and creative approach to driving the same objective explains Sachin Karpe. This is advantageous as companies are consistently in need of fresh ideas and perspectives to deliver newer challenges.